Corporate VPN Service

With My Business Corporate VPN Solutions, VPN Network Configures your Network Infrastructure in line with the Goals and Needs of your company, ensuring that your Network VPN Connections are Realized at Full Performance and with Correct Data Flow, Also with Corporate VPN Network, Internet Firewall Solutions and Network Network Infrastructure with Active Directory By integrating it, it provides access to your files and shared data and works in full compliance with security criteria.

Technical Support and Service

Quality, Clear and Solution-Oriented Service

Correct Implementation and Configuration

Custom Configuration for Your Business Activity and Workflow.


Licensing with Affordable Cost Policy with Our Partner Brands.

7/24 Technical Support

If you are a My Business Customer, 7/24 Instant Message System and Quick Support by Phone.

General VPN (Virtual Private Network) Technical Service and Support Services

By providing access to all applications (software, shared files, and database) existing within your company and within your workflow, from outside your company or from your branches with 128-bit data encryption, all users outside the head office can also perform their transactions using the database in the center. (including mobile users) so that all transactions made outside the company can be tracked instantly from the center and the reports can be accessed instantly. You can also track which files or processes all users are using.

With My Business Corporate Network Solutions Services, it performs your business's network infrastructure installations and also offers clear and professional solutions in the long run.

With our My Business Corporate Vpn Configuration and Installation Services, we perform your Vpn Network, Network Configuration in your business securely with IPSEC or PPTP Vpn Configuration. In addition, the security between your branches or stores provides the Frewall criteria at the maximum rate.

My Business Corporate Vpn Network enables your Employees in All Stores or Branches to Access and Use Applications, Programs and All Files on your Central Server within their Authority, by Realizing the Communication Between Our Network Installation Services and Your Branches or Stores, and Your Vpn Network Installation on Your Servers in the Head Office. For Employees Who Have to Work Outside, It Makes the Configuration as if it is Working in the Workplace in Line with its Authorities with Full Security.

With our My Business Corporate VPN Services, we perform the configuration of your existing VPN network or the VPN configuration of your other branches or stores that you want to add to your VPN network.

With My Business Corporate Vpn Cloud Technical Service and Support Services, We Secure Your Vpn Network Configuration with Annual Maintenance Agreement. In case of your VPN Configuration or VPN Communication Problems, My Business Solves Your Problems in a Very Short Time with Fast and Professional Interventions.

We Professionally Configure Your VPN and Server Configuration Required for Your Common Software and File Use Between Our My Business Corporate VPN Installation Services and Your Other Branches or Stores.

With our My Business Corporate VPN Security Services, Security in Your VPN Configuration Provides Appropriate Friwall Device Selection or Configuring Your Existing VPN Firewall Configuration at the Maximum Level for Your Business. In addition, we guarantee your VPN security structure with our Technical Service and Support Maintenance Agreements for your entire VPN structure.

With My Business Cisco VPN Installation and Technical Service Services, Cisco VPN Configures Your Firewall Installation According to Your Needs, In addition, Cisco VPN Router, Maintenance with the Expert Staff in Network Devices, Your All Cisco VPN System is Safe Thanks to My Business Agreement.

With My Business Corporate VPN Services, it produces Network and Server-based Net Solutions for Your Business's Internet and Network Infrastructure Problems in the Long Term. In addition, All Your Switches, Hubs, Routers and Other Devices Connected to Your Network Fully Integrate with the VPN System and ensure correct communication and maximum performance with 99.9% SSL + With VPN Connection Option, It Makes It Work With All Security Criteria, All Your System Is Always Safe With My Business Annual Technical Support and Maintenance Agreement.

With its Point-to-Point VPN Installation and Technical Services, My Business Corporate Professionally Sets Up Your VPN Cloud Configuration and Configures It In Line With Your Company's Needs, Allowing You To Access All Your Data Safely.

My Business Corporate IPSEC Professionally Sets Up Your VPN Cloud Configuration with Point-to-Point VPN Installation and Technical Services and Eliminates Your Worries of Data Loss by Making Your Company's Workflow, Shared Files and Folders 128 Bit Encryption According to Permissions and Authorizations and Fully Secure Access Secure Access Method Provides its use.

With My Business FortiGate VPN Installation and Technical Service Services, FortiGate VPN Configures Your Firewall Installation According to Your Needs, In addition, Your FortiGate VPN Router, Network Devices and My Business Informatics Agreement with its Expert Staff, Your All FortiGate VPN System is Safe.

My Business Provides Complete Solutions for your Corporate Network and Your Entire System, and With the Technical Service and Maintenance Agreement, it ensures that our customers' systems work smoothly and stably for many years. Let's make an agreement that will last for many years with our Corporate Technical Service and Maintenance Contract, so that your entire network, server, internet and all other infrastructure works correctly and your data and all your devices are safe.

You are always one step ahead with Microsoft Licensed Cloud Server Features.

Information Technologies Specialist Personnel within My Business have at least MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) Certificate.

How Do I Buy Microsoft Cloud Server, File and VPN Hosting?

You can choose the following standard packages to rent a cloud server in line with the needs of your business, or you can contact us and get a price for the cloud server features you request, click to contact us and for your control panel: https://panel.mybusinessarea.com/contact.php  …Click to buy the following Standard Packages: When you complete your payment, our expert technical staff will contact you within 1-2 hours and will complete your cloud server activation process within 30 minutes, and you can start using it immediately…

What should I do for Microsoft Cloud Server, File and VPN Hosting Setup?

You Don't Need To Do Anything… When you complete the purchase of Microsoft Cloud Server, File and VPN Hosting Service, our expert technical staff will contact you and tell you the usernames you want to create, the permissions and authorizations of your folders and documents if you request them, the applications you want to use, etc. , The Information will be received from you and your Cloud Server Institution will complete the Activation Processes (via Telephone or Remote Desktop Connection if you wish). These Processes Take About 10-30 Minutes, And That's All.

Now You Can Start Using Your Cloud Server and Files Safely Now. 

Our Enterprise Cloud Server Rental Services

Corporate VPN Cloud Server Rental Service

VPN Server Service Allows You to Manage Your Applications and Files Like Your Own Server, It is a Cloud VPN Server and Backup Service where you can install your applications with VPN Folder Authorizations, Vpn Folder Permissions Sharing, and Access All Folder Files and Applications from anywhere in the World, and use your applications and software at the same time. Please Contact Us To Purchase Our Corporate VPN Server Service That Belongs Only To You (Not Shared!) or For Detailed Information About VPN Server Price and All Your Questions. Pricing: My Business VPN Offers Cloud Server Service with Monthly, Quarterly, 3-Monthly and Annually Flexible Payment Options Installation Support: All Installation and Configuration Completely Free 6/7 Technical Support Service and Turn-Key Installation My Business Makes You Work Immediately You can start.

For More Information Cloud Server Prices and Technical Support Contact Us.

With My Business

For Renting Enterprise Cloud Server 12 Reasons

Renting a Corporate Cloud Server with My Business minimizes your server cost and also ensures your data security with automatic backup of your data + secure VPN connection. Contact Us For Information And Support About More Features Apart From Our Standard Services Below.


Gigabyte Cloud Connection Speed

Quick Access to Your Apps and Data with Gigabyte Cloud Download and Upload Speed


Free Windows Server License

During the Rental Period of your Enterprise Microsoft Windows Cloud Server, the Microsoft Windows Server License is Freely Licensed to Your Operating System by My Business.


Access Files and Folders with Permissions

With File Folder Authorization, Let Your Other Colleagues Access Your Data With Authorizations and Permissions, Secure All Your Data.


Plesk and Cpanel Free for Cloud Linux Server

Rent Your Cloud Linux Server With 1 Year Commitment Use Free Linux Plesk or Cpanel License Included in Free Installation


99.9% Uptime Uptime

Your Instance Has 99.9% Uptime 7/24


All Windows Server Installations Free

During the Rental Period of your Enterprise Cloud Server, the Microsoft Windows Server Versions You Desire Are Freely Installed and Licensed by My Business.


Free Mssql Database License and Installation

Mssql Database Installation and Licensing of Your Cloud Server is Free by My Business during the Rental Period.


Get Instant Access From Any Device

Securely Access Your Cloud Server, Files and Folders from Anywhere in the World, With Your Mobile Phone - Tablet and Computer Instant VPN.


Instant Antivirus Protection

All Your Data Is Safe With Symantec Instant Antivirus and Antispam Protection


Unlimited VPN Account

Get 100% Secure Access to Your Applications, Files and Folders with VPN and Let's Create a VPN Account for All Your Colleagues in Your Business.


Linux Cloud Server Installation Free

During the Cloud Server Rental Period, any Linux Server or a Different Linux Operating System is Installed by My Business completely free of charge.


7/24 Technical Support and Service

My Business knows how important your data and system are for you, our valued customers, and that it can't tolerate loss of time sometimes, so you can use our 7/24 technical support and service.

Corporate Information Technologies, Your System Infrastructure Solution Partner...

Your System is Always Uninterrupted and Safe with My Business... Contact Us to Get Information About Our Other VPN Services and Solutions...

Quick Response and Solution
With the My Business Maintenance and Technical Support Agreement, your system is intervened within the same day.
7/24 Technical Support
If you are a My Business Customer, 7/24 Instant Message System and Quick Support by Phone.
Under Warranty
My Business Customers Guarantee the Continuous and Correct Operation of their Systems with an Annual Technical Support and Maintenance Agreement.
Expert Technical Staff
My Business Team has at least MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Certificates.
Clear and Permanent Solution
My Business Always Provides Permanent and Clear Solutions for System and Network Infrastructures for its Customers.
Quality service
My Business Adopts Its Customers as Its Stakeholders and Provides Quality Service.



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