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With My Business Server Services, it ensures the continuity of the efficiency that information systems provide to companies by constantly monitoring the needs of your business's daily and possible future server systems, by detecting the usual problems that arise and presenting various suggestions for solutions. Brands We Provide Corporate Server Technical Service: Hp Server Technical Service - DELL Server Technical Service - Lenovo Server Technical Service - Intel Server Technical Service - IBM Server Technical Service - Cisco Server Technical Service and Supermicro Server Technical Service

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Quality, Clear and Solution-Oriented Service

Correct Implementation and Configuration

Custom Configuration for Your Business Activity and Workflow.


Licensing with Affordable Cost Policy with Our Partner Brands.

7/24 Technical Support

If you are a My Business Customer, 7/24 Instant Message System and Quick Support by Phone.

Brands We Provide Corporate Server Technical Support - Service and Maintenance.

HP Server Technical Service

HP Server Technical Support , Hp Service

INTEL Server Technical Service

INTEL Server Technical Support, INTEL Service

DELL Server Technical Service

DELL Server Technical Support , Dell Service

SUPERMICRO Server Technical Service

SUPERMICRO Server Technical Support, Supermicro Service

LENOVO Server Technical Service

LENOVO Server Technical Support, Lenovo Service

FUJITSU Server Technical Service

FUJITSU Server Technical Support, FUJITSU Service

IBM Server Technical Service

IBM Server Technical Support, IBM Service

TYAN Server Technical Service

TYAN Server Technical Support, TYAN Service

Our Standard Server Installation Service Includes The Following Items.

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Pre-Installation Procedures:

-Functional and Structural Plan of Your Entire System is Prepared Before Installation. -The Hardware Features of Your System are Removed Before Installation. -All Network Features are Removed Before Installation (Friwall – Cisco – Fortinet Etc.) Ip (Gateway) System is Determined. -All Host Adapter Features of Your Server Are Removed (Raid-Scsi-Sas-Sata-Pata etc.) -All Data on Your Current Server is Backed Up Before Installation. -Installation is planned.

Operations During Installation:

-The System Disk Structure of your server is partitioned as requested. -Installation starts with Windows or Linux Operating System Server Software Options. -Operating System Installation is Complete. -The Installation of All Host Adapter and Network Drivers is Complete. -The Password of Your New Operating System is Prepared as You Request. -Ip (Gateway) Partition in your system is prepared as in your previous server.

Post-Installation Operations:

-Communication of All Network Devices in Your System with Your Server is Tested. -Communication of all clients in your system with your server is tested. -All Existing Vpn-Remote Desktop – SSh etc. Remote Connections are Tested. -Installation and Testing of All Services in Your Old Operating System is Completed, File Services Etc. -All tests are completed positively and the Installation Form is signed by the relevant company representative. -Installation of Commercial or Other Software in Your Old Operating System is Complete (For the Installation of Commercial Software, Documents and License Codes of the Related Software Must Be Available) If There Is No License, My Business Provides the License with the Affordable Cost Policy through the Related Distributor

Extra Configuration After Installation:

-The following configuration is performed in line with the customer's request or requirements. - Dns Server (Service that Converts IP to Domain Name) - File Server (File System, Quota and Folder Authorization Service - Dhcp (Automatic IP Generation and Pooling Service) - File Sharing (Folder and File Sharing Service) - Routing and Remote Access Service (Vpn and Dial up Installation and Configuration Service) - IIS (Website and Web Application Publishing Service) - RDP Remote Desktop Connection and Licensing Service - Hyper-V Maneger (Virtualization Service) Provides Virtualization Service to Increase - Print Services (Common Printer Installation and Sharing Service) - Network Policy and Access Services (Network Connection Rules, Authorization and Security Service) - SMTP Server (E-Mail Sending Service)

Our Standard Server Support Services. (Other Detailed Server Troubleshooting, Detailed Server Configuration, Contact Us for Support and Consultation...)

Corporate Information Technologies, Your System Infrastructure Solution Partner...

My Business Solves Corporate Server Troubleshooting with More than 17 Years of Experience in 90% Same Day, Classical Server Problems Encountered, Example: DNS Server Not Responding, PC Server Error, Can't Get Computer to Domain, Domain Dropping Problem, I Can't Connect to Public Folder, Public We Provide Fast and Precise Solutions to Hundreds of Other Server Network Connection Problems (Including Hardware-related, Vpn and Internet-Related Problems).

My Business Corporate Server Installation and Configuration Services and Your Existing Server or Dedicated Server or Servers that My Business will Offer You, and Configuration Specific to Your Company's Activities and Workflow, to our Valued Customers.

My Business Configures Your Corporate Server Configuration with File and Folder Authorization System for the Use and Processing of the Documents You Share on Your Server within the Authorities and Responsibilities of the Persons You Specify.

My Business Institutional Server VPN Installation and Configuration Service and Server Configuration in line with your company's Sectoral IT Requirements and Workflow, by Integrating the VPN Cloud System, and Establishing the Network Network System between the Branches or Stores Connected to the Head Office. Also, By Allowing You to Create a Network Network Firewall (Firewall) between the Branch and Store It provides all the security of your transaction and data.

My Business Enterprise Server Provides Internet and Network Security of Your Entire System with Firewall Firewall Service.

Corporate Information Technologies, Your System Infrastructure Solution Partner...

Your System is Always Uninterrupted and Safe with My Business... Contact Us to Get Information About Our Other IT Consulting Services and Solutions...

Quick Response and Solution
With the My Business Maintenance and Technical Support Agreement, your system is intervened within the same day.
7/24 Technical Support
If you are a My Business Customer, 7/24 Instant Message System and Quick Support by Phone.
Under Warranty
My Business Customers Guarantee the Continuous and Correct Operation of their Systems with an Annual Technical Support and Maintenance Agreement.
Expert Technical Staff
My Business Team has at least MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Certificates.
Clear and Permanent Solution
My Business Always Provides Permanent and Clear Solutions for System and Network Infrastructures for its Customers.
Quality service
My Business Adopts Its Customers as Its Stakeholders and Provides Quality Service.



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