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With My Business Enterprise Virtualization (Virtualization Technology) Solutions, your Virtual Servers, Configuring Your Infrastructure in Line with Your Company's Goals and Needs, Ensures All Virtual Operating Systems to be Realized at Full Performance and with Correct Data Flow, In addition, with Corporate Virtualization Firewall Solutions, Security of Your Network Network Infrastructure It ensures that it works in full accordance with its criteria.

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Quality, Clear and Solution-Oriented Service

Correct Implementation and Configuration

Custom Configuration for Your Business Activity and Workflow.


Licensing with Affordable Cost Policy with Our Partner Brands.

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If you are a My Business Customer, 7/24 Instant Message System and Quick Support by Phone.

Our General System Security Services

System Security Services (Our Other System Security Solutions, Contact Us for Detailed Information and Consultation…)

No DDOS Attachments

With My Business Corporate System Security Services, DDOS Attaches Will No Longer Become a Result of Your Network Connections Getting Very Slow and Bandwidth Depleted to Prevent You from Working.

No More Internet Attachments

With My Business Corporate System Security Services, Internet Connection Slowdown and Loss (Sudden Slowdowns in Your Internet Speed ​​Although Your Internet Usage Doesn't Increase) Are Now Far Away From You.

Our customers, who have reached precise and clear firewall solutions with My Business Corporate System and Personal Data Theft Security Services, continue to work smoothly in Server Systems and Network Systems for many years.

Your System Is Always Safe

With Our My Business Enterprise System Security Services, All Server Security is Always Provided with VPN Security, Network Security (Network) 100%, and You Will Find Exact Solutions to These Questions: How to Ensure Data Security, Protection from Data Theft, and Make Sure All Your Data Is Always Safe With Your System You will be.

File, Your Data is 99.9% Safe

With My Business Corporate Security Solutions, you will no longer worry about the security of your shared files, folders or application data (against theft, deletion, loss, etc.). Your Data is Safe with My Business.

Email Security

With My Business Corporate E-Mail Security Services, Attacks to Your E-Mail Addresses (Ransom Virus - Trojan and Identity Theft, etc.) You will no longer experience all virus threats with My Business Professional Mail Security Solutions.

With My Business Enterprise System Security Solutions, Cisco Firewall - Cisco Router - Fortinet Firewall - Fortinet Router, Hp Firewall - HP Router and All Other Firewall Brands and Devices are Fully Supported.

Security with Cisco

My Business Corporate Cisco Security Services and Entire System with Cisco Firewall - Router Devices with Special Configurations to Continuing Your Work with Cisco Safely.

Corporate Information Technologies, Your System Infrastructure Solution Partner...

Your System is Always Uninterrupted and Safe with My Business... Contact Us to Get Information About Our Other Virtualization Technology Services and Solutions...

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With the My Business Maintenance and Technical Support Agreement, your system is intervened within the same day.
7/24 Technical Support
If you are a My Business Customer, 7/24 Instant Message System and Quick Support by Phone.
Under Warranty
My Business Customers Guarantee the Continuous and Correct Operation of their Systems with an Annual Technical Support and Maintenance Agreement.
Expert Technical Staff
My Business Team has at least MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Certificates.
Clear and Permanent Solution
My Business Always Provides Permanent and Clear Solutions for System and Network Infrastructures for its Customers.
Quality service
My Business Adopts Its Customers as Its Stakeholders and Provides Quality Service.



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