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Clear and Long Term Solutions with Our Experience in Information Technologies.

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Do you want your system and entire network infrastructure to work uninterruptedly?

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We provide support and service like your own IT department.

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Our main principle is to meet the demands of our valued customers correctly and your satisfaction.

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By using today's technology in the most efficient way, My Business always provides long-term and Provides Permanent Technological Solutions.

We Added Our Experience by Combining Analytical Thinking with Our Expert Technical Staff,  No Technical Problem is Unsolvable.


Technical Support and Service

Our fields.

IT Consulting Services

Long Term and Net Solutions.

Private Consulting Service

For Our IT Consulting Services Specific to Your Business' Fields of Activity.

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Server Solutions

For All Servers of Your Business

Correct Configuration

For Complete and Complete Configuration of Your Servers in Line with Your Workflow

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Network Solutions

For Your Uninterrupted Communication and Applications

No Permanent Network Outages !

For Your Network Configuration to Work Uninterruptedly and With Full Efficiency

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Our VPN Services

Securely and Uninterruptedly Access All Your Applications From Anywhere in the World.

Secure Access Anytime Anywhere

Connecting Your Branches or Stores to the Center, for Secure Access to Your Data

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Internet Solutions

You Can Always Continue Your Business With The Right Internet Network Architecture

Correct Configuration = Complete Solution

Always Work Without Full Breakdown With Correct Internet Network Configuration

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System Security Solutions

All Your Devices - Your Data Is Always Safe and Professionally Protected

Not Sometimes, Your System Is Always Safe

To Keep All Your Devices and Data Safe for Many Years

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Our Virtualization Solutions

Create Many Different Workspaces with Multiple Virtual Servers

Long Term Solution with TRUE Virtualization

Don't Risk Your Entire System For Different Applications, For Virtualization Solution

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Device Warranty Solutions

The Warranty Period of Your Network and Other Devices Connected to Your System Will Not Expire

All Your Devices in Your Business Are Now Under Warranty

For Device Warranty, Our Service Agreement and More Information

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We Offer Fast and Clear Solutions in 5 Steps.



100% All Analysis of Your All Information Structure or the Infrastructure to be Newly Established.



The Analysis Result is Reported in Detailed, Needs or Problems are Clearly Determined.



Perform Solution of Internet, Network or All Other Problems and Needs According to Report Result.



After the Intervention and Operations, Test Operations are Performed while the Whole System is Working at Full Load.



After all the tests are passed successfully, the system starts to work correctly and uninterruptedly.



You are always ahead with our products.

Exchange Online

Now All Your E-Mail Problems Are Over With Microsoft Exchange Online Corporate Mail. Get the Best and Safe Corporate Mail at an Affordable Price!

You will no longer have any e-mail problems

For a Closer View of Microsoft Exchange Online Features and Our Advantageous Prices.

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Cloud Server

Run Your Programs Remotely, Work By Sharing Your Documents With Permissions And Authorizations, Track Your Work From All Your Devices

All Your Online Transactions in One Center

For Cloud Server Options Where You Can Securely Access Your Applications From Anywhere In The World

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Cloud Backup

Access Your Data 7/24 From Anywhere With SSL+VPN Security, Work, Automatically Back Up. Work Safely With Your Apps.

Now Work Safely Wherever You Want

For More Information About Our Enterprise Cloud Business and Backup System Product

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Corporate Hosting

Reduce Your Cost with Corporate Packages, Web Hosting - File Hosting and VPN Hosting Options with SSL Protection.

All Your Online Transactions in One Center

For Hosting Options You Can Securely Access Your Applications In addition to Web Hosting

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Request a Quote for Different Quantities.For Companies Special Monthly - Quarterly - 3 Monthly and Annual Payment Options and Price Advantages.



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Technical Services & Support

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Rifat Rich
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Helmann Construction
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Oguzhan Karabulut
We started using it as a company. They provide feedback very quickly and are very good at technical support.
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Mello Berro
Relevant and good company. they solved our problems. Thanks to Salih and his team.
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Asteknik Ltd.
We got a Server Technical Service License and Exchange Mail Service, Our Transactions were Made Very Quickly and the Service Was Provided Without Any Problem. They Are A Very Experienced Team And They Do Their Job Professionally With Details Without Skipping Anything. I would definitely recommend.
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